Summer School: The Nature of Entropy – Arrow of Time

Arrow of Time

The Nature of Entropy II: Arrow of Time.
NEW DATE AND LOCATION: August 1 – 6, 2022; Kochel am See, Germany

Mark the date. Applications open in late fall.

Why does time have a direction in a universe guided, on the fundamental level, by time-symmetric microscopic laws? Is the arrow of time fundamental or can it be reduced to physical asymmetries like thermodynamic irreversibility? What role then does entropy play in explaining the difference between past and future? And is the passage of time real, or just a stubborn illusion?

The interdisciplinary summer school wants to tackle these questions head-on. By bringing together young researchers, graduate students, and internationally acclaimed experts working on statistical mechanics, quantum foundations, and the philosophy of science, we will investigate the nature of time in light of modern physics and clarify its relation to entropy.