The summer school features invited speakers and panelists who are leading experts in physics, mathematics, or philosophy:

David Albert (Columbia)
Julian Barbour
Jean Bricmont (UCLouvain)
Dirk Deckert (LMU München)
Saakshi Dulani (Geneva)
Cristian Lopez (UNIL)
Sheldon Goldstein (Rutgers)
Mario Hubert (Caltech)
Jenann Ismael (Columbia)
Tim Koslowski (Würzburg)
Barry Loewer (Rutgers)
Tim Maudlin (NYU)
Peter Pickl (Tübingen)
Chip Sebens (Caltech)
Ward Struyve (KU Leuven)
Nino Zanghì (Genova)

The speaker list may be subject to change.

The program will be available here.


The summer school is targeted at excellent Ph.D. students and young researchers who want to gain a better understanding of entropy and its role in modern physics. All participants are selected by the scientific committee.